February 23rd, 2004


Steven and Kim had a rather testy exchange about his entry on Ralph Nader. They resolved it amicably within a few hours, as is usually the case with good friends. But the debate really revived the agony of 2000 for all of us.

All three of us agree with the argument Steven makes in the entry, that it would be a bad idea to vote for Nader in 2004, no matter what a person thought in 2000.

Bob Mould is on the same page as well:
POLITICAL MOMENT: The two major political parties in this country could hardly be further apart at this point in history. Voting for him is a waste of time. Campaigning for him is a waste of energy. Trying to convince me that he makes one bit of difference, in the world political landscape as it appears in 2004, is a waste of breath.
I really can't fathom Nader's thought process on this one.
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