March 21st, 2004


Dust flying up behind that big, black car
It's all a dead-end. You can't even
Put a match to it. Only the gasoline
Burns. But there's still the radio
To keep you breathing. The badness
Glows. Look down. Fidget. Smile.
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Here's another one of those found poems. Yes, I understand what the apparent randomness is trying to achieve. But I still find it strangely beautiful:
advert thirsty stipple braun inadvisable bathrobe precinct sugar convene campanile deuce revisable cantaloupe cayenne piety accident plate liberia arrear globulin logging congestion archaism draftsman obsessive aqua teratogenic volcanism stepmother ashman beady lien dopant angora ehrlich glamorous preemptor porridge acquisitive impact joy transparent nary kidnapping sixteenth mutate anorthosite opera paid eaton adulate demystify bird gun beltsville uris estoppal oncoming flabby personnel sst complement cog bruno galloway elusive carob admonition presuming sacramento clip delay homomorphism turvy cornucopia smoke rubidium fix accredit luminous drill civic flipflop molar rockaway shawl flamingo ass holdup bordeaux cant agony acknowledge suny clothesline aquarium newsboy peterson clara facilitate dramaturgy bridgeable covet buxton goode deoxyribose stylish lifelike livingston sculptural dyer offshoot pouch earthmover nation borough bamboo isomorphic gallows metabolite affine kingston level emplace bipartisan wherewithal potpourri drake betrayer sperry spitz ribosome travelogue pitiable alewife digression alluvial roomy corn algaecide trophic rabbi swap corralled moat ha nectarine fruition arnold serine supplicate blatz ascription scathe counterargument pandemic capstan hypocritical soothsayer connote phosphorus jeff babylonian rear upkeep contraband conferring snuff crisis demark cardiff cytolysis matinal waterfall amphibole leone loosestrife pansy cpa enumerate sonny climate fearsome padlock chancy conrad rotunda hippocratic physiotherapist amphibole trouble bowditch doctrinal cossack tetrahedra abed malefactor schenectady mogadiscio kaddish narcissism embezzle diva rowley quebec mockup colloquy raphael bishop allis armageddon you'll aerial wide edmund sew showy coralberry imperturbable compound debris transfuse countervail alteration astigmatic dutch engine argue dour electret homecome domestic emulsify flake vial boxwood dispelled determinate appendage harmonica blair acumen marietta frequent nantucket cravat tentacle casteth predatory norway tedious committeeman dozen burrow grandeur d medea ak convalescent theodore educate catcall quartic mr corroboree borax scrumptious twitchy mizar valery horseback solitaire banter bouquet laurie birmingham moloch birdwatch eddie medallion delegate diamagnetism mild forbidding cogitate consternate fiend flyer coma default alcohol depository stinky clannish chemisorb chevalier activism everyone rig soot distillate lacerta bugging seriate doberman caw pentagon around elizabeth intuit elegant bucknell wiremen cleric straw clamber arisen bedfast nail dionysus orthoclase geneva contemporary digital affidavit dunn alan appellate bateau
More band names, to put some yeast in this time of unleavening: Predatory Norway, Fearsome Padlock, Pitiable Alewife, Harmonica Blair, and, most succinctly, Snuff Crisis.
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Reality for Me

Here I am writing about how I need to do some research on reality TV and someone already wants to cast me in a show:
Hello my name is Lisa, I am a Representative with a Talent Marketing and Promotions Company. We are currently looking for talent for a NEW REALITY TV SHOW with the following needed:

Models, Actors, Musicians, Dancers, Rappers, Singers, DJ's and Comedians

If you would like apply for an audition for the show please
CALL NOW (toll free) 1-866-278-7780

We are interested in speaking with you as soon as possible.

Call anytime (toll free) 1-866-278-7780
Monday - Friday between 9am-7pm Eastern/Standard Time.

Thank you,
Lisa Johnson - Casting Director
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Here's a story that expresses a mainstream take -- if the paper of record still counts as "mainstream" -- on the increasingly divided American populace.

I don't suppose the polarization is worse than was the case in the late 60s to early 70s. But we seem to be approaching a crisis of similar proportions.
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More Polarization

As someone who spent far too much time researching the Nazi Party's Machtergreifung in the early 1930s, I worry about a polarized electorate even while radicals I know celebrate the polarization.

The absence of a center is rarely a boon over the short term unless, that is, you're a falcon seeking freedom.

Having stated my reservations, though, I have to declare that I'm more encouraged as not by today's French election results.

And I'm so, so glad that the Socialists won in Spain.

And then there's the matter of Taiwan.

Do the past two weeks herald the start of something bigger?

Or will the major labels eat up all that alternative energy before the revolution comes?
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Why We Watch

The shot of UAB's Mo Finley on his knees, face down on the folding metal chair on his team's "bench," after he made the go-ahead basket and again, after Kentucky missed their last shot -- that is why we watch the NCAA tournament.

I don't know what he was thinking. I only know what he was doing. I only know he was overcome.

And the beautiful passing sequence by UAB that led to Finley's shot, followed by the fake he put on Kentucky's Chuck Hayes gave me goosebumps too.

You have to love it when a player does the right thing -- faking a three, opting for the open fifteen footer -- instead of the rote thing.

With the exception of Syracuse, all the teams I care about for personal and Pac-10 reasons have already departed the tournament.

But seeing Xavier and UAB stick it to the SEC is almost as much fun as watching one of "my" teams triumph. Or, rather, it's a different, purer fun, not compromised by a self-interest that sometimes has me rooting against the underdog.

It's better to go with the flow of feeling.

For Frodo, man. For Frodo.
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Signing Up

This just in:
Dear Charlie:

Thank you for being a Bush Volunteer, as a leader of the grassroots team President Bush will be counting on you. Each week, we will be sending you the inside scoop from campaign leaders, event notices, action alerts, as well as other important opportunities to re-elect President Bush right to your inbox. Ask five friends to join the Bush Team now!

Below is the information you entered and a user name and password that you can use to log into so you can edit the topics you are interested in, update your contact information, and change your password. You will not need this password for regular use of the site, only to edit the information that you provided us with.

If you received this message in error and do not wish to receive email from, the official Web site for President Bush's re-election campaign, please follow this link.
I'm supposed to ask five other people to sign up, so I'm making a plea to my loyal readers.

An educated populace is the best defense against tyranny, right? You should check out George's blog too.

I'm guessing that the hand-scrawled look is supposed to give the image an "alternative" imprimatur.

It sure is sexy looking.

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