March 24th, 2004

Cleansing Action

Alright, it's time for a lighter note. I was checking my roll of blog favorites and read Fredoluv's most recent entry about the "adult" party with disturbingly outfitted bathrooms.

Already laughing, I obeyed the injunction to check out the product website and clicked on the longest movie "The Washlet S300 (Jasmin)" -- the one on the left -- and started watching it, turning on the speakers I had shut off earlier in the evening.

But I had forgotten that iTunes was still playing in silence.

As I watched the opening images of waterfalls, I was dumbfounded to hear only the dulcet tones of Lucinda Williams singing "I Lost It." Would she really have sold her music for use in an internet toilet commercial? It seemed improbable. But so did the idea of hearing Spiritualized and Stereolab on ads for the New Beetle running during major sporting events. I started rationalizing her decision to "sell out" in this manner. Everyone needs economic security, right?

Imagine my amusement to discover that the sound was turned off on my QuickTime player and that the commercial wasn't actually a silent movie scored by Lucinda Williams.

I recommend two viewings. First, mute the QuickTime player and put on Lucinda Williams or equivalent. Then watch the ad again with the infomercial narration. The aesthetic payoff will be hard to top.
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    I Lost It - Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels On A Gravel Road