April 24th, 2004

Skylar Bean's Blog

Yesterday I decided to bring the laptop to the breakfast table while I supervised Skylar's eating. She's not particularly prompt in that regard, taking after her dad. But rather than just sit and prod her, as has been the practice, I thought we could do something educational together.

Skylar decided to dictate a story to me. It was so much fun that we're going to continue the process, time and inclination permitting.

Here are the fruits of our collective labor. Skylar composed and spelled a couple words for me. I spelled the rest and typed.

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This morning at Wal-Mart, after wandering around for awhile looking for something in the gardening section, I spied an elderly man wearing the trademark vest.

"Do you have any of that green tape you use to tie up plants?"

"Sure do. I have it inside. Follow me."

A few labyrinthine minutes later, he handed me the tape, then commented on how inexpensive it was.

I was using the second person plural.
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Fear of the Rodent

For some, he ranks with our greatest citizens:


For some, he is the life of the party, the leader of the conga line:

Conga Line

For some, he is an invitation to get down, down like James Brown. Even grown-ups feel the nasty urge:

Getting Down

But for our darling Skylar Marie, he is a reason to steer clear of the herd:


Does she not have the look of an anthropologist? And one more observer than participant at that.

Fear the rodent. Fear him with reason. Fear him well.

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