April 27th, 2004

Going Negative

Here's what Jesse Jackson has to say about the sort of campaign John Kerry should run.

I agree with him, in large measure. No one can match the Bush team at going negative. The past several weeks have been very depressing, since George & Co. have managed to turn their abysmal performance on foreign policy into a reason for him to get reelected.

The logic goes like this: We can't afford to have a Democrat in office because our global situation is too precarious.

Brilliant, that. Maybe Carl Rove will dream up a new Gulf of Tonkin incident to hammer the point home. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.
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Sausage Tree

If I told Skylar about this plant she would surely tell me that I was making it up. But I'm not! The sausage tree really exists. Thank you, art_thirst.

Sausage Tree!

Bring out the honey mustard. . .

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