May 14th, 2004


Yes, I know that Wal-Mart stores really push the Left Behind series, but they'll sell you plenty of other fine titles too: "Believe it or not/I'm walking on air."
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Tea Series

I had a lot of fun at the College of Humanities luncheon today. Eric and I sat with Megan, Matt, and Matt's vivacious parents. Susan, Michele, Boyer, and Bridget were at the other end of the table and occasionally made some ripostes in our direction.

Eric and I enjoyed being silly with our digital cameras. He gave me a hard time about having a 5 megapixel camera -- his only has 4 megapixels -- until Matt accused him of "pixel envy."

Not many of my pictures came out the way I wanted them too. Photographic conditions were terrible. And the fact that Eric, Megan, and Matt all wear glasses made matters even worse. But art was largely beside the point.

My favorite photos are the ones in which everyone looks happy. From an aesthetic standpoint, though, my "tea series" was most successful. Desperate for some constraint that would make it easier to generate visual interest, I took four shots in a row in which the bottom half of the frame was given over to the glass of iced tea -- an awful, perfumish tea, incidentally -- in front of me. The first and last pictures are, as you might suspect, self-portraits.

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