May 28th, 2004

Lucky Seven

I wonder why more teams don't walk him:
Inning Log

San Francisco
-S Chacon relieved B Fuentes.
-Bottom of the 9th inning
-A Pierzynski popped out to third.
-D Mohr hit for J Brower.
-D Mohr walked.
-M Tucker hit for N Perez.
-M Tucker walked, D Mohr to second.
-E Alfonzo grounded out to shortstop, D Mohr to third, M Tucker to second.
-M Grissom singled to right center, D Mohr and M Tucker scored.
-T Harikkala relieved S Chacon.
-B Bonds homered to left center, M Grissom scored.

4 runs, 2 hits, 0 errors
Walk the fuck off, baby.
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Meme Generation

Since Kim was asking me what a "meme" was the other day, I'll pass on, with a wry self-reflexivity, the link Bob Mould posted to a page full of definitions.

There. I've fostered replication. The word "meme" has been memed.

But while I'm on the topic, can someone please explain to me when the host of Family Feud became a cyber-pundit?

Richard Dawkins

The next thing you know, Bob Barker will turn out to have been an out-of-control sex fiend.

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