July 18th, 2004


We made our first local outing in quite a while today. After a month and a half of either preparing to travel, traveling, or unpacking, it was nice to do something more proximate.

Now that Skylar's older and needs less rest, we can do more taxing things over the weekend. That's been true for months, actually. But the burning of our cool-weather retreat in the Catalinas last June, followed by forced closures of Sabino Canyon, left us uncertain where to go, aside from nearby Pima Canyon. Because that one's too low altitude for summer hiking, however, we needed an alternative. So we braved the Catalina Highway again -- last time we had to turn around halfway up because the road was insane -- and ended up hiking on the Butterfly Trail, which our neighbor Wendy recommended.

We didn't make it to the unburned portions of the trail, since Skylar expended her energy mounting every oblique rock in her path. But we got to see something better: a forest being reborn.

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