August 12th, 2004

Day Two

Skylar had her second day of kindergarten at Manzanita today. It went even better than the first!

This morning it was raining, oddly. By the time we had dropped Skylar off it was really coming down. The weather made for a pleasant change of pace, though.

When we picked her up at 4pm, she was swinging very high on the big kids' playground, unfazed by the heat:

You can see "New Silver" in the background, set nicely against the gorgeous western end of the Catalina Range. Man, what a great location for a school!

After realizing she was thirsty, Skylar and her hot-in-every-sense mother proceeded in pleasingly symmetrical fashion -- that's one of the Bean's many new dresses that her Papa purchased for her -- towards the outbuilding where the morning and afternoon supplemental programs are located:

Then we said hi to Miss Leslie, Skylar's Kinder Plus teacher, and settled in while the happy five-year-old completed coloring her pattern:

Skylar loves that sort of thing. And she loves her new school!

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