September 15th, 2004

Long Day's Journey

Take off from Tucson at 3:15 pm, arrive at the gate in San Francisco at 10:15pm. Now that's efficiency. . .

The absurd delay wasn't all bad, though, as I sat next to a self-made conspiracy theorist whom I will, time permitting, tell you about later.

It's nice to be at Jillian and Doug's when they're actually here. Or were, until a little while ago.

Remember, any of you readers who live in the Bay Area and aren't planning to dip apples in honey, that an assortment of contributors to the second Bad Subjects anthology will be performing tonight at North Beach's illustrious City Lights Books, start time 7:00pm. Look for the beatitific expression on my face.
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The Light

I just walked across the UC Berkeley campus from Wheeler Hall to Hearst and Arch. It's hotter than usual, but the golden sheen on the grass and buildings more than compensates. As I looked across the street to 1890 Arch Street -- I once described the building as "Neo-Tudor" to a policeman who stopped me on a night I'd rather not remember -- and then down Hearst towards the silver glow on the bay, I felt for a second like I'd never left. San Francisco always felt a little surreal to me. But Berkeley, which I did not get to "know" in film and television before getting to know it in person, is where I feel at home. Made me want to go drop some money -- futilely, to be sure -- at Homefinders.
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