October 6th, 2004

Rocky Mountain Low

Inexplicably, I acquired some sort of rash at the tail end of the L.A. trip. It's probably nothing, but a quick perusal of internet medical resources indicates that my symptoms could be a sign of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I knew I shouldn't have used John Denver as my LJ icon. Not only that, kdotdammit's blog has apparently been receiving all sorts of attention including someone who cared enough to read mine to figure out more about her, then wrote that I now looked like "John Denver." I hope they were being ironic.
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Finding the Right Spot

I've been thinking a lot about photography lately. It gives me such visceral pleasure, the sort I don't get as readily from words. I especially like our not-very-expensive and highly compact digital camera -- I've finally realized the virtues of the digital approach -- because it allows me to seek out situations in which a good photo is likely to occur and then take a series of shots. Sometimes I'm not sure which photo in a sequence is the best photograph. Sometimes it's just a matter of mood. I have to be careful not to delete too many shots off the camera before I download the pictures or I might miss one that looks much better big than it did small.

On our last trip to Disneyland I noticed that the display windows in one of the stores on Main Street USA -- the first on the left, as you enter the park -- are great for generating the interleaving of reflection and "real" that I love. I wasn't planning to do anything with my discovery on this trip. But when Kim ran ahead to do something, Skylar decided to study each window with great care. I took many pictures, both because the setting allowed me to capture her love of the Disney characters and because the light was perfect for the effect I'd imagined getting on the previous trip.

This photograph is one of the best in the bunch:

You can see how worn out the Bean was by this point. Still, it's nice to catch her look of concentration.

Because the light outside was too bright relative to the interior display, I had to wait for a dark reflection to overlap with Skylar's face in order to prevent her expression from being washed out. I also took a photo with the lower half of her face turned bright red by the reflection of someone's shorts. I think that one might work better color-wise, but certainly not as a picture of a person I care about.

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