October 25th, 2004


Yesterday was not so pleasant. Too much proximity. And too much history. My parents are staying with us for almost a week. We're used to the routine by now. So are they. But we all overdid it Saturday, especially my father and I . After a family trip to the Desert Museum with Skylar's friend Travis, who was with us most of the day, the two of us attended the Cal-Arizona football game -- have I mentioned that the final score was 38-0 yet? -- which was a lot of fun, but which also required a long walk, the end of it up a seemingly endless ramp at the stadium. He has always been grumpy when he's tired. Yesterday, though, he was really tired. Because I was tired, temporarily, of having my space invaded, we ended up having a needless altercation over -- you guessed it -- the volume on the television. Today seems to be proceeding much more smoothly, though, so I'm filled with hope that the worst is over. If nothing else, as Kim pointed out last night, spending so much time with people who do things differently than we do them in the Nicolini-Bertsch household reminds us that, all else aside, we have a pretty good thing going. Anniversary and Skylar's "real" birthday are tomorrow. We're in the home stretch.
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Birthday Teeth

Today was as crazy as yesterday. As I was picking up Skylar with my parents, Kim called on my mobile to tell me that the school had just called her. Skylar had collided with her friend Kelsi during P.E. and her loose tooth was even looser. I collected her from the nurse's office, wondering why no one had given her a cup of ice, then spotted Laura and Alice on the way out. Laura explained that she had seen Skylar looking upset and had taken her to the nurse's herself. Thank goodness for that. It does make you wonder, though. Should crying five-year-olds be required to walk to the main office by themselves?

At least Skylar got to show off her laconic grandparents to Miss Leslie, her kindergarten plus teacher, and was able to say goodbye to her friends Jade, Titi, and Kelsi. Then it was on to AJ's to meet Kim, who had had a dreadful day at work. My parents remained strangely silent, but Skylar was able to get the mom love she needed to feel better. And the long-dangling tooth finally came out.

After marveling over the tooth for a long while, we left for our dinner destination, Zona 78. Skylar's grandparents took to her favorite restaurant immediately and were eager for a return visit. Dinner was fabulous. Bean ate even more bread than usual. And another one of her teeth came out. Needless to say, this was cause for a serious celebration, so we all ordered dessert. Skylar slurped up the last portions of her caramel sauce-enhanced gelato with a straw.

Then we came home, where Skylar helped Kim prepare for the class Halloween party coming up on Friday. Bean drew the cutest spooky faces on white tube socks stretched over plastic bottles for "ghost bowling." Grandma and Opa relaxed to the television in the front room. Because they were watching skating, though, and Skylar loves skating, everyone was happy.

Before bed, Skylar wrote a note to the tooth fairy:

Two teeth have to be worth more than one, right? It took Bean longer than usual to settle into sleep, since she was residually overheated from her "skating" routine and excited about the Big Day tomorrow. We're all excited. I've even saved all but a few tracks of the Pavement album for its official 10/26 release date to commemorate the grandness of it all. Selfless of me, don't you think?

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