November 8th, 2004

Beyond Anonymity

Since several people I know are now in possession of Blogspot journals, I've created a "dummy" blog over there so that I can comment with an identity. Steven -- masoo -- did the same thing at LiveJournal a long time ago and will attest to the move's utility. Now that LiveJournal is free and requires nothing more than five minutes of effort to set up a journal, I'd love to see some of my readers that have been commenting anonymously create identities of their own. That way I wouldn't have to unscreen your comments. For those who need extra help, here's the link that will take you straight to the "Create a Journal" page on LiveJournal. Needless to say, I'd also recommend doing the same over at Blogspot if you want to comment over there.
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Letters to the President

As some of my readers will know, I used to contribute on a regular basis to the excellent Chicago-based publication Punk Planet. I still read it cover to cover and am so, so grateful that it exists. Anyway, thanks to shadydeals I learned today that the magazine's editor Dan Sinker has started a blog in which he plans to write a letter to President Bush every day for the fours years of his second term. It's a wonderful idea and, if the first entries are any indication, promises to be even better in practice. In these times of trial, I think we owe it to each other to support people who share our viewpoints and work their asses off for peace and freedom. Go see what Dan is doing and drop him a note of gratitude.
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In Soul Motion

As kdotdammit and siyeh's entries on yesterday's All Souls' Procession indicate, the experience was awesome in every respect. The local newspaper's story does a nice job of providing the big picture. I can't believe how well suited the event was to Skylar's current fixations. We had a blast during the build-up too, wandering up and down Fourth Avenue as we watched everything slowly converge. This gentleman was incredibly gracious when we asked to take his picture:

I love that light. And the fact that everything is equally blurry gives the image -- paradoxically, I suppose -- a welcome edge. On nights like that, Tucson shines bright in the firmament of possibility.

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