November 11th, 2004

Bad Blog

The lengthy overhaul of the Bad Subjects website -- note that our new URL is <> -- is nearing completion. I'm overwhelmed with guilt on that score -- though I'm never as guilty as tommix or kdotdammit -- because a combination of my professional and personal burdens, along with computer trouble, has made me into a largely non-functional member of the Production Team, precisely the sort of person that used to annoy me so intensely when I was more functional. Had I declined to volunteer for certain tasks in the first place, of course, I'd be feeling less guilty right now. Whatever. It's time to move on. And with that realization in mind, I've decided to retroactively delegate all the tasks I didn't help out with to the people -- mostly Geoff, Elizabeth, Jonathan, and Joe -- who actually did them. It's the only way that I'll return to productivity in the Bad Subjects arena.

Today's news on that front is that Bad Subjects is starting a public blog to which Production Team members past and present and perhaps trusted fellow travelers will contribute. I'm pushing for a comment feature, not only for blog entries, but also for articles and reviews on the site. Because I lack the expertise to make that happen, though, I don't know when or even if that feature will be implemented. I'm guessing that it will, however. Anyway, let me direct you to the blog and my first entry for it, posted yesterday. I'm not sure precisely how my entries here will overlap with the ones I make at Bad Subjects, but there will definitely be some productive back-and-forth. Despite my tribulations over the past few years, as well as conflict internal to the Production Team, Bad Subjects remains my first and greatest love in the realm of intellectual collaboration. It feels right to revive that part of me as I confront the distressing reality of contemporary politics.
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Mellowing Our Harsh

We had a great day today. I slept in. We all enjoyed the backyard. Skylar made one of her concoctions with the big container of cinnamon, just like she used to do when she was three. She also drew, colored, and cut out various pictures of fruit and vegetables and taped them onto the wall outside my office. Then we headed down to Beyond Bread for a long, delicious lunch at a large, round table -- not easy to secure at that busy hour -- followed by a leisurely walk around the Reid Park Zoo. The animals were in fine form, from the frolicking rhinos to the excited black panthers -- jaguars, really -- eagerly awaiting their afternoon steaks. Now I'm off to Club Congress to see And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. Not bad for a "day off" in the middle of a hectic week. My next entry will document our feast.
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The server puts down my green chile corn chowder. Skylar sees the bread arranged around the bowl. "Bread!," she exclaims:

Skylar just loves bread. She declares it to be her, "favorite healthy food." No slice is safe:

That piece of lettuce her mom gave her to try is another matter, however. She's not opposed to greens. But that one was just too bitter for a girl her age:

We love Beyond Bread!

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