December 19th, 2004


I'm in a strange space today. I keep having to fight back delusions of exclusion. It can't really be true that everyone is doing things behind my back. Or can it?
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    Etta James, festive

The Life Aquatic

At least I can mitigate the force of my delusions by staring at the sea:

As my parents discovered on their last visit here, even a small tank can be very therapeutic. And, yes, I'm hoping that the new Wes Anderson film will be similarly relaxing. The fact that the preview deploys my favorite New Order riff bodes very well indeed.
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    the sound of the bathtub filling

On Second Thought

Maybe my delusions were merely the product of a hunger for something not made of sugar? As kdotdammit has recently documented, the construction of a large gingerbread house in our kitchen has taken our usual excess to new heights.

I actually thought, earlier, that I might actually have had enough of this icing, both literal and metaphoric, that I might even want to listen to something other than a Christmas album! Blasphemy, I know. But then I remembered the placement of our Tannenbaum.

As Kim pointed our in her exchange with samifo, nothing takes the edge off that spoonful of sugar like a bleeding nun. Throw in the fact that I was actually at the Melvins show that Frank Kozik's imitable but still immensely fun art was promoting -- along with both tpratt and his sibling cpratt, if I recall correctly -- and it's enough to make me feel like I just consumed a steak on a stick. Or a spicy, somewhat Greek-tasting ground lamb concoction, which is, as a matter of fact, what I'm about to eat.
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    Kim leafing through the phone book in my office

Back From Extinction

After a couple years of purgatory, it's nice to see former Cal standout Lamond Murray back in the sports headlines, however briefly. Ironic that it's for his play against Jason Kidd's New Jersey Nets. Those were sweet times, when those two future lottery picks would be out on the break together. My favorite memory, though, is the Murray three-pointer that took the Wildcats to overtime in Tucson. I believe that's the last time the Bears won down here. Funny to think that Lamond once curled his long legs up in Kim's stylish red Honda Accord. I miss that car. . .
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