January 9th, 2005

A Talent For Line

We took our under-the-weather selves out for breakfast today, then headed to the mall to return some clothes. This meant stopping at the toy store to look for discounted LEGOs and such. While there we picked up the only Galadriel Barbie -- a collector was right behind us to snap up the last Legolas -- for the Bean, deeming it a Christmas present in absentia from her grandparents back east. Upon returning home, she sat down to make Grandma and Opa a picture to express her thanks, then made one for her Aunt Miriam and Uncle Jay too, to thank them for her generous birthday and Christmas presents. Since we're going to mail this art off, I thought I'd better document it for posterity. Here's Galadriel:

The striking thing about this image, apart from its general awesomeness, is that it captures, not the Barbified face of the doll so much as Cate Blanchett's pristine cool, despite the fact that the artist hasn't watched the Lord of the Rings films in months. Note how, in this second picture, which depicts Galadriel and her husband Celeborn, Skylar makes it quite clear who dominates the relationship:

Clearly, this is a case where not wearing the pants is a mark of superiority. I thought I'd zero in on some of the filigree in the first picture to give a sense of how fluid the Bean's line is. She manages to generate a remarkable sense of movement with her handling of the pen:

Can you imagine how much fun she'd have seeing some of those Baroque and Art Nouveau treats in Europe? Bear in mind that she drew these pictures without the aid of recent viewing. Her memory of Lothlorien is very strong.
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Bumpersticker Atrocity of the Day

It could have been the Hot Topic-purchased pink-and-black stickers next to "Bush-Cheney 04." But I was even more incensed to see "W - 04" on the left and a radically recontextualized G.K. Chesteron quote on the right: "Tolerance is the virtue of a man without convictions." Personally, I'm waiting for that last word to become a double-entendre. I don't suppose it will come to that, though. There's bound to be another Gerald Ford in the queue should the need for one arise.
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