January 31st, 2005

Help With LJ Community Management

Here's my problem. I've set up an LJ community from my other LJ account that I'm using for a course weblog. I want the LJ community to look like the course weblog, which is a paid account. But when I go to customize it -- I'm using S2 -- it only gives me the options available to all users. I can't use the theme I'm using for the course weblog, because it's one you need a paid account for. I can't even upgrade the community, as best I can tell. Does anyone out there understand what I'm talking about? If so, do you have suggestions on what I should do?

In Good Company

Hip-hip hooray! Antonino D'Ambrosio's collection Let Fury Have the Hour: The Punk Rock Politics of Joe Strummer -- made it into the pages of Salon. Even better, Joel and I earned a mention. Now if I could only translate that good feeling into the energy I need to get back on track, I'd be set. The gears aren't meshing properly yet. But at least I'm out of the garage.
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