February 4th, 2005

Tonight Is Right

I finally get The Libertines. It just happened, months too late for it to count. Oddly, it took headphones. You wouldn't think a band that self-consciously loose would sound good in that unforgiving spacelessness. I love The Exploding Hearts' only album Guitar Romantic -- which reminds me a bit of The Libertines, though it's far less meandering -- but it's hard to handle in high fidelity. That's not true for The Libertines. The stereo separation greatly enhances the alternation between doubling and diverging. They come together. They fall apart. And my ears chart the width of the rift between them. Sure, I'm listening allegorically. But it's not like I can pretend otherwise. Biography is the opiate of the overly well-read music fan. This one, at least. If it helps me to hear better, I'll sacrifice my innocence any day.

Speaking of which, kdotdammit has a nice entry about the Luna show she attended yesterday with Sami. I especially like the part about boys dancing:
And they were sooo groovy, and the groove was even more enjoyable because I was blessed to be standing in the midst of a very rare Tucson occurrence . . . . a bunch of groovily dancing guys. A bunch of guys who went to Luna together and danced together. I realized when I was listening, watching, moving, that I take in music like a boy. Girls are too busy being girls.
I wish I could have been there with her. The only thing I like better than disappearing into the music is doing it by Kim's side. Sometimes it feels like I'm getting my innocence back from the other side of the mirror.
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Petting My Peeve

You know what really bothers me? People who mock in others what they aren't willing to risk themselves. It's lot easier to make fun than it is to make something that gets made fun of.
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