February 7th, 2005

Breathing New Life Into My Psyche

I'm trying to get back in the flow, after my month of being variously ill. But it's hard. I get tired too quickly. And my mind feels like it's moving at half its normal speed. Then again, I'm writing this the day that I've decided to take a break from caffeine because my stomach is such a mess from all those anitbiotics. If nothing else, it's instructive to get powerful urges for things like Coca-Cola and Ritter Sport chocolate squares. See, my body tries to trick my mind into consuming caffeinated products other than coffee. Right now it's telling me that a bite of chocolate will kick the higher faculties into gear. I'm going to go play some basketball for the first time in weeks in the hopes that the exercise and the accompanying endorphin rush will save two birds with one net.

The doctor's office just called, before I could post this. Turns out that I am positive for Valley Fever. They want me to get a chest x-ray. I'm pretty sure that it was back in the fall of 2000 that I had it, but they need to check for that special lung cavity that Valley Fever sometimes causes. I also have to go see the ear, nose, and throat doctor to see whether I have to have my tonsils out. Go me! I'd better get down to the JCC and hoop before I find out that I'm further incapacitated.
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Down In the Valley

Kim and I know a couple who both work on Valley Fever, improbably as that may sound. So Kim left a message for them to call us back with whatever insider information they could provide. Mark kindly phoned us earlier this evening. Guess what? My positive test result is almost certainly not the result of the Valley Fever I was retroactively sure I had back in the fall of 2000. The way the test works, Mark explained, I must have had Valley Fever very recently. Although I was nowhere near as sick as I was back in 2000 -- our house still bears the traces of the blood I threw up all over the walls then -- I have been sick enough of late for the diagnosis to make sense. Lack of energy is the biggest symptom of someone recovering from fever stage and I'm definitely suffering from that. But still. I really hope I don't need a tonsilectomy. And I'm even more desirous of not having that cavity in my lungs, because I definitely don't want to spend my life on anti-fungal medication, which is the course of treatment in extreme cases. I would, like, totally not be stoked to be permanently del valle. Considering the fact that I played three hours of basketball this afternoon, most of which were spent in intense half-court battles -- two on two is almost as tiring as running full court with five to a team -- and made the three-pointer that clinched my team's victory in the final best-of-three series, though, I'm pretty sure that the situation is not that dire. I'm completely worn out, mind you, but that's largely from a level of exertion to which I'd grown unaccustomed over the past six weeks. At least my caffeine headache went away for a while.
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