February 21st, 2005

The Lunatic Wonders

There is sure to be much speculation about the reason for Hunter S. Thompson's apparent suicide -- I say "apparent" because Courtney Love's whereabouts at the time have yet to be ascertained -- over the next few days. Could it be the prospect of four more years? Fear of that North Korean ICBM? The cancellation of the NHL season? A too-careful reading of Tom Wolfe's new novel about collegiate sexploits? The possibilities are many. Since I've been trained to think that coincidences are rarely coincidental, however, I'm going to put my money on the demise of Gidget's Sandra Dee, whose parting was announced earlier in the day. Am I being heartless in making light of Thompson's death? Perhaps. But this is one case where honoring the dead demands a good dose of irony to go with whatever other substances we choose to pour out -- preferably into a glass or the palm of our hand rather than onto the sidewalk -- in tribute.
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In order to make up for my dreadful mistake of attributing a picture to Skylar that was not hers -- the authority of the author is paramount in this household -- I'm going to show you what she drew this morning while she recuperated on the trampoline to The Tigger Movie. I was in the other room. Although aware that Tigger is "not real," she nevertheless made a picture to cheer him up. Bear in mind that she made it with no assistance, using the "kids' spelling" -- simplified phonetic approach -- they teach her in kindergarten:

"I used the X to mean that there are two Gs in "Tigger," she explained. Here's the translation into grown-up spelling: "To Tigger: This is a portrait of your aunt's wedding. Love, Skylar." The speech bubble on the lower left has a person saying, "She's pretty." The one on the right has another stating, "I love this wedding."
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