March 28th, 2005

The Life

Sitting in cafés all day, writing, listening to Skylar expostulate, listening to jazz, enjoying the weather that comes closest to perfect weather, taking it all in, the salt and sand in my hair a reminder that I can think without contorting: it's the best make-believe I know.
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Dressed Down

Yesterday, while Kim was buying us coffees at Yuma's new Starbucks, I attempted to read Skylar selections from my book Quotations From the Anarchists. She bridled at the imposition. But she didn't bridle at putting on her new dress this morning:

Today, she informed me, "I don't need to read anarchist philosophy. I'm so much of an anarchist I don't need a philosophy." I guess the quotes I read her from Goldman, Bakunin, and Malatesta sunk in after all. And she doesn't need any circle-A hoody to demonstrate her comprehension either.
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