August 2nd, 2005

What the Religious Right Is Really Doing

The fact that I had second thoughts about listening to Sufjan Stevens because he sometimes writes spiritually centered music is an indication of how much work the Religious Right has done to sully the name of G-d. Think of all the brilliant minds who have been unapologetically religious, yet pursued their thoughts into the dark corners of mystery: Spinoza, Kant, Kierkegaard and so many others. Yet people like me, who care about ideas, now find themselves having knee-jerk reactions against all spirituality because of the close-minded self-righteousness of Fundamentalists. Wouldn't it be ironic if it turned out that the Religious Right was unwittingly fulfilling Satan's fondest desires?


I set up Skylar an account on our old G4 desktop today and showed her how to log in. She spent a few minutes poking around in Google Images -- with the strict safe search on, naturally -- and then grew disenchanted. But she was back at it later. "What are you doing?," I asked her. "I'm trying to get into other people's accounts." I suppressed a smile. "But you don't know their passwords." Skylar beamed up at me. "I'm just going to type in letters and numbers all day until I figure one out." She may not have much interest in television. She may not spend much time on the computer. But she already has impulses that inspire a mixture of admiration and fear.