August 23rd, 2005

Eagerly Awaited

The Pitchfork review of the New Pornographers' third LP Twin Cinema is in and it's a big thumbs-up. While it annoys me the way reviewers find it necessary to slag artists' previous efforts in order to praise their current offerings -- see reviews of the second and third Stephen Malkmus solo albums for a case in Seurat-worthy point -- I'm willing to believe that Twin Cinema is even better than Mass Romantic and Electric Version, both of which were on heavy rotation in my head for months and months. Later today I will find out whether that conviction was justified.

In the meantime, I will drift off to sleep with visions of Neko's porch and the light upon it, refined by the memory of having tread upon it myself together with tommix. March 17th, 2003 was a rainy night in Tucson. And while it will go down in history as the day that George W. Bush confirmed that his neocon handlers had no intention of avoiding war with Iraq, I will always remember it as the day when I realized that hanging out with a rock band could be as fun and, more importantly, the same kind of fun as hanging out with my friends from graduate school. Some may construe that as a knock on the New Pornographers. In my book, though, it's another indication of their brilliance.
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    Drink To Me Babe Then - A.C. Newman - The Slow Wonder

Weather Report

Driving home a little while ago the outside temperature was 72 degrees Fahrenheit. That's unheard for the middle of an August day in Tucson. The rain is lovely. On the other hand, the state of my partner is not. We were driving home together so that she could rest her fevered brain. Believe me, she is not the person you want to converse with about anything substantive when she is feeling this under the weather. Now she is curled up on the sofa, thankfully, and much better for it. I'm about to take my pseudoephedrine-addled brain back down to campus to get ready for my graduate class this evening.
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