September 1st, 2005

Bean Is Back

She's sore and out of it. But she's home safe. The post-op experience was actually a lot mellower than last time, though the recovery will take a lot longer than with the surgery for adenoids.

Collateral Metamorphosis

Skylar is just now coming out of her extremely unhappy post-operative mood into something more like her normal self. She is frayed around the edges, but is at least engaging with her new Lego set. The strange part for us is that she sounds like a completely different person! I guess those tonsils of hers were more of a problem than we thought, even before they swelled up this summer. Despite hours of crying, her voice is clearer than it has ever been. And it sounds like it has been transposed a half octave up too. It's tripping me out to think that our time with her this morning before surgery was the last time we'll ever hear the voice we knew.
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    the Bean talking about her new Dino Attack sets

(Outdated) Technology Question

Do any of you know what the easiest way for me to get files off of 5.25" diskettes onto a contemporary, USB-equipped Mac or Windows platform? I have a functional drive in my old 386. But the hard drive and the 3.5" floppy on the same machine have apparently given up the ghost. The computer lacks an ethernet port. It does have a 14400-baud modem, however. I could upload the files somewhere via dial-up, possibly, but I have no idea where I could do that using shell. The U of A no longer supports dial-up of any sort.

Pop Quiz

Which of the following figures came by the sweetness that fills her dishonestly? Which one just happened to stumble upon it while out for an edifying stroll through the countryside?

Let's get "Rastus." He'll have an answer for us.

Sometimes I'm just proud to be an American. And sometimes I'm not.