September 7th, 2005

That's A Relief

I had no intention of stopping my streak at precisely one year. But when I came home yesterday the internet was out and by the time it came back on I decided I'd rather go to bed than sit at the computer, forgetting that I had yet to blog. So it's over! We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. . .
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I don't watch a lot of tennis. But ever since I was a grade-schooler watching Borg-Connors and Borg-McEnroe, I've had tremendous luck at managing to see the matches that I would regret having missed. That streak continued tonight, even as my other streak faded into the distance. The final set and tiebreaker of Agassi-Blake at the U.S. Open was superlative. I don't know where Agassi came up with the reserves to fight back from two sets down. And I'm even more amazed that he overcame being broken in the fifth set. As color commentator McEnroe pointed out, Blake played the best tennis match of his life. . . and lost.