November 1st, 2005

For the Very First Time

November, 1998. Skylar is two weeks old. We drive down to San Francisco for brunch in the Mission. Sami joins us. He meets the Bean and then holds her for the very first time:

They have been fast friends ever since. It heats my heart to see them together, even if they are engaged in mock "brother-sister" squabbles in the back seat of New Silver. Thank you, Sami, for coming to stay with us so many times in Tucson. We all love you.

The Flâneur Drifts and Thrifts

We saw our friend Sami off well. He got to sleep in this morning. Then I drove him down to 36th and 6th for a delicious lunch of fish tacos at Pico De Gallo. Afterwards, we walked up the street to the Salvation Army to do some thrift shopping. I'll detail our finds later, but suffice to say that it was a day of supremely fortuitous finds. And I got another two-drawer filing cabinet of the sturdy, mid-20th century variety. You can never have too many of those when you suffer from a chronic case of the archival impulse. I just listened to the song "Wings and Forwards" by Glitter Mini 9, my grad-school friend Mauri's almost-made-it-big band. I really like it a lot. All in all, I did pretty well in knowing grad students who made interesting music: Yuji Oniki, Joel Schalit, Florence Dore, Bruce Bennett, Greg Forter. And then there was Annalee, who made up great lyrics for a fake riot grrl band. Time to prep for my graduate seminar.
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    Wings and Forwards - Glitter Mini 9 - Break Up At The Rock Show