November 30th, 2005

All That

Our internet at home has been out for much of the past few days, with some exceptions. And I'm astonishingly busy too, which explains why I haven't been posting much. But now I have something worth sharing. My sister just sent me new photos of my new nephew. Jazz is approaching four months old now and getting cuter by the minute:

It's solid food time! I wonder if that's rice, oats, or barley?

Last week was my sister and her husband's first wedding anniversary. To celebrate, they took Jazz on his first plane ride for a vacation in Puerto Rico. Jazz had a grand time. Here he is in the pool with his dad, looking particularly peaceful:

And here's Jazz with his mom in a shot apparently taken through some diaphanous substance:

I wish we could see the three of them sooner than the summer, but it looks increasingly unlikely. Unless, of course, they come out West. I'm crossing my digits. . .
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Powe Power

Our internet may be slow as molasses -- when it works at all; our car my have an inexplicable injury caused by the seat heater; I may be too tired to steer. . . but there's a little bit of all right in the world tonight, because Leon Powe returned after far too long an absence to score 27 points and lead the Golden Bears to victory. I have hope for this year of basketball now. It will probably be crushed underfoot like a wayward slug by Groundhog Day, but right now I'm flush with the warm fuzzies.
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