January 30th, 2006

At Long Last: Another Spam Poem

It has been quite awhile since I received one of the classic "found" poems that were once appended to spam e-mails on a regular basis. Tonight, though, I was blessed:
bestubble vault fishmonger grandniece barony stoichiometry kestrel bad collector sorrow chrysanthemum raj invertible rule antique choke doctoral carolingian burgeon clotheshorse decrease aroma pea mongoose paulson octavia rowe ahoy tootle condemn harmonious toot bivariate boundary orographic laterite evansville accommodate mimicking dally boyhood brittany inconstant tibetan
As usual, I trawled for good names. How about "Chrysanthemum Raj"? Or "Mongoose Paulson?" Then good band names. How about "Harmonious Toot"? Or "Fishmonger Grandniece?" Then any combination pleasing to my fancy, like "choke doctoral Carolingian" or "Brittany inconstant Tibetan".