February 21st, 2006

Ceebee Heebee Geebees

In the end, it's all about the talents:
Former SEX PISTOLS star JOHN LYDON has slammed New York punk bands, including THE RAMONES, citing them as repetitive, tatty and spoilt.

Lydon, also known as JOHNNY ROTTEN, insists his transatlantic punk contemporaries lacked the original talent of British bands and were deprived of the chance to prove themselves by wealthy parents.

He says, "The Ramones to me were more like STATUS QUO.

"They were hilarious but you can only go so far with 'dur-dur-dur-duh.' I've heard it. Next. Move on.

"The New York scene has always been really seedy, tatty, dirty, old people.

"We were 17; they were 25. The New York bands all had wealthy parents who bought them nice shiny guitars and they stuck RIMBAUD poetry over everything."
Maybe Americans watch too much Television.
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