May 8th, 2006

Before the Fall

I haven't written about The Fall show at Club Congress. A number of people insisted that the show would be cancelled. The interminable wait for it to begin suggested that they were going to be proven right. I kept leaning over to tommix during the strange over-amplified soundscape plus 80s frame-grab interlude after the opening act to say, "This is the show. This is all there's going to be. It's quintessentially postmodern." But then the band did come on stage, with Mark E. Smith following a few minutes later. And the show was pretty darned entertaining. The repetitive grooves that make many Fall albums tedious in the wrong context work really well live. Although it was impossible to hear most of what Smith was singing, his voice worked as a nice complement to his backing musicians. "I Can Hear the Grass Grow" was an exception, since his diction was clearer for that song. It made a nice counterpoint in the set. Had it not been for the person pursuing me around the room in a state of intoxicated overfriendliness of a potentially compromising sort, I would have given the whole experience an A-. As it was, I settled for a B+/B. I mention all this belatedly because The Fall's American tour apparently descended into disarray at the band's next stop in Phoenix. In other words, Saturday's Tucson show may have been the last "regular" performance in the States. If that turns out to be the case, I'll have to regrade the evening back to an A-. I wonder what my favorite member of The Okmoniks, who were the first opening act, thought of the Phoenix debacle.
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It's been awhile since I had a song lodge in the forefront of my consciousness. But I've been listening to the Rocket From the Tombs compilation -- along with its simulacral double of the iPod Shuffle variety -- so much this past week that the beginning of "Life Stinks" has turned into a big puddle of mental honey. And that reminds me. If any of my readers have the collected works of Peter Laughner that the now defunct Tim/Kerr label put out a number of years back, I'd gladly do you a favor to get a copy of it burned and sent my way. It's not available on any of the download sites I know how to frequent. Anyway, the bass line is interrupting my thought process again. I need a drink.