May 23rd, 2006

"Fifty-four Forty or Fight!"

Am I complex or simple? I ask myself this question a lot. I know I'm easy to please. But the reasons why are hard to explain. Right now I feel like everything is visible. Perhaps that's just a trick of the light, which is doing its best to evade inexplicably thick rainclouds.
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Now Is Better Than Never

Although it makes me sad to realize that what could have been will never be, I can't blame Cal's Leon Powe for deciding that he needs to make the leap to the NBA this year. Given his history of serious injuries, he probably feels he needs to go now while the going is good. Not to mention that some superb high school players who were barred from growing pro this year with the league's new age requirement will be sure to make next year's draft a hard one to stand out within. So I wish you well, Leon. Go, Bear, though it hurts to say. Go, Bear!

In Light of Love

This photo comes from the same sequence as the bronze-tinted "art" shot I put up here a few days ago and the many regular pictures my partner included in her entry on the family walk we're making into a tradition:

As previously noted, I never tire of that view of the Catalina Range's western terminus, a.k.a Pusch Ridge. It looks so wonderful just before sunset. But I like this photo because the light does wonders for my photo-making daughter as well. She has her eyes on something smaller.