August 4th, 2006

And Now For Something Completely __________

Time for something new. I realize that many of you don't see my look-and-feel on your "Friends" page and that those of you who do don't necessarily see the links on my sidebar. But I have good links. So let me direct you to the URL for my blog in the hope that you'll check them out now and again. As of today, I'm going to be showcasing a featured link on top of that sidebar. I hereby present you with The Gaze, a start-up with plenty of cultural venture capital that has been stimulating my cookbook-obsessed libido with entries on "food porn." Some of you may recall the article in The Believer on that topic. What that piece lacked, though, was the capacity to turn readers on. It was like reading a sociological treatise on the subject. The Gaze, by contrast, lets you contemplate your food porn and eat it too:
Speaking of working for it... I love it when your plate arrives with utensils from the specialty hardware store. I love it even more when you dig in and soon the exoskeleton shards are flying with resounding CRACKs and your fingertips, your hands, your forearms are dripping with crustaceal goodness and lemon juice and just a hint of melted butter. And your lips! Of course your lips are slathered with all the above and you look for a moment at that napkin you wish you’d remembered to place closer to your neck not on your lap. But napkins are the utensils of fools, how could you stop.
Talk about autoerotic asphyxiation! My airways are collapsing just reading of this iodine-laden fare. I'll live, though, which makes the death blissfully little. And that's about all you can ask from death, that it comes in compact Tupperwares long enough for you to purchase the season-one DVD of Temperatures Rising. Welcome to the blogosphere, Angelenos!