August 11th, 2006


After Felicia -- or at least her body double -- showed up at the front door Thursday afternoon, we were worried that Max might have gotten out through the hole under our perimeter wall opened up by the torrential rains. Maybe he did. But if so, he's definitely back:

There you have it: incontrovertible proof that we have two TMDs, otherwise known as "Tortoises of Massive De-IKEA-cutting-board-forestation."

Film Tonight, The Loft, 7pm

War Tapes, which is a documentary compiled of footage shot by three soldiers serving in Iraq, will be opening tonight at The Loft. It looks really interesting and important, at least from the perspective of someone infected with the "documentary impulse." And one of those three soldiers will be present at the 7pm show and will participate in a Q&A afterwards, which will add a lot to the experience I'm sure. Anyway, I'm going and would love to see you there. Feel free to text me -- see my LJ info page -- if you want to coordinate.