August 13th, 2006

Milling the Tread

I've been writing, but nothing has developed into something for public consumption. There's a lot on my mind. There's always a lot on my mind. But the lack of reasons to invest myself in the sporting realm -- at least until the Bears win a few football games -- in this year of increasingly awful San Francisco Giants baseball is giving me more time than usual to confront all the feelings that my investment in sports is so helpful in avoiding. The fact that the pendulum swings of both my emotions and those of my immediate family have been particularly dramatic of late isn't making things easier, either. I've even taken to jogging when the sun is out on a semi-regular basis, which is one step shy of confessing that I've gone on a macrobiotic diet. Seriously. If you see me jogging in the noonday Tucson sun, as I was twice last week, then you know that I'm having an especially hard time keeping my mind under control. On the other hand, I believe I'm close to finding my way back into the intellectual groove that I was in back in June. I just need to beat down those bouts of low self-confidence that drive me away from whatever I'm working on at the moment. "Down, bouts, down!"