August 18th, 2006

Pressing Concern

I was suffering from allergies last night and took a generic Claritin. And then I forgot that I had. The symptoms rapidly went away, but then I started getting this oddly restless feeling. I was able to sleep, finally, but kept waking up feeling neither hot nor cold but wrong. When I woke up, I had a dried-out feeling, like I get during the desiccation of June. I tried to go back to sleep, but kept waking up after fitful half-dreams only to realize that it was a mere minute later. So I gave up and went to put out the recycling. Just now I was suddenly overcome by this feeling of pressure, like I was being gradually compressed in a vise. And then I remembered that I took a generic Claritin last night. Next time I think I'll just sneeze.
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    Love - Victoria Williams - Gas Food Lodging

The Wonder of It All

This happened about an hour ago. I was sitting at my keyboard, copying the text I just wrote into my LJ client over to a Writely document, because I decided it needed to sit some more before I make it public, when Skylar surprised me from behind. I nearly fell out of my chair.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" She didn't look particularly distressed. "My arms feel tight." I asked her to show me where, but she had a hard time pinning down the precise location. I rubbed her arms and shoulders for a minute and pursued my inquiry further. She'd been reading at JW Tumbles. "What position were you in?" She was laying on the rug in the hall demonstrating when Kim walked up. "I had to sneak by your door, mom"

As Bean was finishing her restorative drink of "hobbit water" -- the bottles from New Zealand they sell at Trader Joe's -- she started talking about how difficult it is to describe the taste of it. "I think of it as cool and refreshing," Kim said. But that didn't put Skylar's mind to rest.

On the way to bed, she continued to restate the problem. When Kim told her it could become a preoccupation of her philosophy, Skylar said she wouldn't be able to match Wittgenstein. Kim said something encouraging about being a girl and a philosopher. Skylar brightened. "That would be hard for Wittgenstein too, describing the taste of water." While Kim was tucking her in, I replied that it was the sort of problem that would have interested him a lot.

As I bent down for a bedtime kiss, Skylar adopted a netural tone and remarked that, "A newborn child has no teeth. A goose has no teeth. A rose has teeth." Then she paused. "But a rose has teeth in the mouth of a beast."

I played her quite a few songs off my iPod Shuffle on the drive home from art camp two weeks ago. Old Red has no CD player, you see, ruling out another reprise of The Carpenters' greatest hits. I'm pretty shocked that Matmos made such a deep impression on her. I sure do love her. What a brain she has!