September 4th, 2006

A Moment To Remember

We've had Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits in the car this week. When I bought it for Skylar several years back, she was already familiar with Blowin' in the Wind from our morning drives to the JCC with Peter, Paul, and Mary. That song was her favorite, along with "Mr. Tambourine Man," which I was fond of singing around the house. This time around, her tastes have broadened. Twice today she asked to hear "Like a Rolling Stone" again as soon as it was over. On the third pass, as we were driving down Oracle, all three of us were singing along. Having just had a conversation with Kim referencing the important role that song played in her life and still bobbing up and down in the wake of a delightful weekend of chats with catfishvegas and his brother, I was more attuned to the song than I have been in a long time. "Look, I have goosebumps," Kim said. "I have them too," I replied. Then I looked over my shoulder to see Skylar emit another hearty, "How does it feel?" It felt good. It felt as good as it gets.