October 4th, 2006

My Latest Discovery

Maybe you already know this. It seems rather obvious, now that I've made the realization. But I'll share with you regardless. You know those plastic containers with the slits in them, the ones in which berries are sold? Well, if you turn them on their side -- vertically, that is -- in the refrigerator, the items within will last longer and are less likely to mold. Makes sense, right? Still, it had never occurred to me until I accidentally left some raspberries in that position and was shocked to discover that they were still edible several days later.

Political Advice

I think the Democrats should ignore the Mark Foley scandal. Completely ignore it. There's no way to turn it into an advantage aside from not trying to turn it into an advantage.

Concert Tonight: Califone @ Plush

I'll be at Plush tonight to see Califone, the subject of my next Tikkun feature -- already written, but yet to appear -- and a band worthy of your attention if catchphrases like "ambient Americana", "bluesy neo-Krautrock" or "postmodern traditionalist" excite your curiosity. They're supposed to go a little after 11pm. I hope to see you there.