October 31st, 2006


Now my head feels like I stayed up all night snorting Cragmont and drinking chablis, while periodically exclaiming, "That's great. Awesome!" And let me tell you, the PH of a can of fifteen-year Safeway special reserve is hard on the nasal membranes.


Our graphically gifted -- and Hogwarts-giving -- friend chrisglass took the photo of Skylar in her Halloween costume that my partner posted this morning , gave it a neat make-over, then set up a web page where you can scroll your mouse over the image to see both the original and his version. Is that beyond awesome or what? chrisglass rules. Hell, I've decided I like Cincinnati, a city I've never visited in one of the few states I've never visited, merely because he lives there. You should check out his website, BTW: it's full of rich chocolatey goodness.