November 8th, 2006


Much to the chagrin of my libertarian and anarchist friends, I'm glad the American Cancer Society-backed proposition to limit public smoking passed here in Arizona. I don't mind accompanying my friends outside when they have a cigarette -- preferably an Export A or equivalent on a rainy night -- but know my respiratory system will find concert-going and other forms of carousing a lot easier if there's no smoke inside clubs and bars.

It's a little ironic, then, that I walk around the house saying, "Smokes!," whenever I see our adorable girl cat, almost as though I'm forced to find an outlet for the decadence I wish to suppress. But I become unreasonably happy just looking at her:

Don't you want to walk up and give her a nudge? Nicotine addiction is pretty fierce, but the need to run one's hands over soft fur is just as strong. I'd better stop: this is one of the strangest entries I've ever composed. Before I do, though, let me enjoin you all to pour out a Mickey's for Rick Santorum, a Senator with the rare distinction to have had a mixture of bodily fluids named after him.

Con and Pro

While Arizonans resoundingly approved a spate of anti-immigrant propositions, confirming the depth of their border anxieties, they also demonstrated the state's individualist heritage by becoming the first American voters to reject a ban on gay marriage at the state level:
''We knew all along that once voters were informed about the true impact ... they would oppose this hurtful initiative,'' said Steve May, treasurer for Arizona Together, which organized opposition to the measure. ''They made the right decision.''

A total of eight states voted on amendments to ban same-sex marriage: Colorado, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin approved them. Similar amendments have passed previously in all 20 states to consider them.
Although I suspect the measure would have passed had it not also targeted benefits for domestic partners, I'm still heartened by this result, as well as the surprising success of Democrats statewide. The Democrat Party may be a bronze Chevy Citation as political organizations go, an unpleasant ride that is almost impossible to love, but it still beats traveling in Karl Rove's armored Hummer.