November 18th, 2006

Argent in the Gloom

The only good thing about last week's astonishingly depressing Cal loss to Arizona is that I'm less stressed about this evening's trip to the Coliseum. All season I've been dreading the prospect of USC dashing our Rose Bowl hopes. Now that the day is upon us, though, I'm not so tense. I suspect the Trojans will win. But last week's black-and-white-striped debacle in Tucson has actually made me slightly more hopeful. The Bears will be looking to redeem themselves instead of stressing out over losing their lead in the Pac-10 and the dim, but still alluring prospect of making the BCS championship game. I also think that my pledge to not root for Michigan, which I graciously made to siyeh, even though I am, as I told her, drawn to blue and gold even when the gold is called "maize" and also have a fondness for all mustelids, is taking up so much of my energy that I don't have the capacity to worry myself into a frenzy. Alright. Here goes: "Go teams whose mascots start with the letter 'B'!

Round One

That was one hell of an opening drive for Michigan. Chad Henne looks sharp. Two of those completions seemed to be after adjustments he initiated at the line of scrimmage.

Round Two

The momentum has shifted the Buckeyes' way, clearly. I think Michigan's defense has to hold them here. Getting down by two touchdowns in Columbus would not be wise. Given the pass Troy Smith just completed, though, that may not happen.

Round Three

Just when it seems like Ohio State might be ready to put the game away, Michigan recovers a fumble inside the Buckeyes' 20. If they get a touchdown, the game may well be close until the end. If they have to settle for a field goal, I'm not so sure.