December 18th, 2006

Up All Night

Having recently returned from a harrowing expedition to our 24-hour Wal-Mart -- one of Tucson's cushiest, if you'll permit me the oxymoron -- I would venture that, were some governmental entity to have performed drug screening on the people in the store, customers and employees alike, well over half would have tested positive for methamphetamine. And to think I'd thought the country muzak I've been hearing in public men's rooms was disturbing. . .

TONIGHT: Devotchka at Plush

I'm going to the Devotchka show tonight at Plush. They are supposed to go on at 10:45pm. I should be there a little after 10pm.

For those of you who don't know Devotchka, they make great music that fuses a wide variety of genres. They also did much of the soundtrack for the film Little Miss Sunshine.