February 14th, 2007


As I previously noted, Skylar spent a long time on the valentines -- about thirty, in all -- she was supposed to prepare for her classmates and teachers. She always does. But it makes her happy and also won her some praise for working so hard to ensure that each one was suited to its recipient's interests. My favorite was the one she made for a friend fond of dolphins:

One of the valentines that she received from her classmates praised her for doing her best, even when she isn't doing work that would be judged on its quality. I think he meant that she is caring and goes out of her way to brighten the spirits of those who are struggling. But the encomium applies to every aspect of the way she lives her life. I'm glad that, when I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago, I was able to find her the beanie toy rendering of the cat from Kiki's Delivery Service that she has wanted for months. It made a perfect Valentine's Day gift.