May 23rd, 2007

Ebony and Ivory

Normally I would welcome the chance to witness the relatively wholesome spectacle of Minor League Baseball. But the fact that The Deuce is presently broadcasting a game between the teams from Trenton and Portland, Maine has me livid. I was in the Bay Area for the tail end of Joe Montana's career, when his health was a headline news story. But the handling of the Rocket's annual summer vacations has taken adulatory fixation to a new level. If I have to hear one more tribute to the man's determination I'm going to hurl.

Ian and Dwight

As I was nearing the end of my jog this morning, I noticed this "For Sale" sign in our subdivision:

Maybe it was because I'd been struck the previous evening by several ads in the new "local content" magazine Tangerine -- otherwise the occasion for numerous shudders of the bitterly mirthful variety -- that feature same-sex "teams," but I immediately wondered whether the photo here features Ian and Dwight and, more importantly, whether potential homebuyers might be wondering the same thing.