October 2nd, 2007

Further Frustrations

It's one thing to have Monday Night Football displace October baseball. It's another entirely to find, as I did last night, that the one-game playoff between the San Diego Padres and Colorado Rockies was not on, at least in my market, because of televised billiards. Imagine my agony as I followed the excitement on my computer, only to realize that no one was going to cut away to show the conclusion. I don't care particularly for either team, but when a game of that importance is so thrilling, it must be watched. What's next? Playoff games pre-empted for poker? I shudder to think.
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Getting Younger Gets Old

Now that the Giants have cut ties with Barry Bonds, they need a power hitter in their line-up. May I suggest Andruw Jones? He's younger than Barry, has excessive contract demands, and had a worse season by far than the perpetually criticized Bonds. Sounds like a dream-come-true for San Francisco GM Brian Sabean.