October 7th, 2007

Jesus H. Cruz

I'm sort of glad that LSU pulled out their game against Florida, because otherwise my nerves would have been even more frayed. Things are bad enough already. I mean, the likelihood of any team -- aside, perhaps, from LSU -- going undefeated this year seems remote, given how insane college football has been this year. And we have road games left at UCLA, which is either good or terrible; Arizona State, which has looked solid; Washington, which played Ohio State pretty tough; and Stanford, which beat USC. Not to mention that we have to play the angry Trojans at home, too. Still, it's important to stop the flowers, even if their blossoms will soon be frost-brittled:

When it's your highest ranking since 1951, you have to celebrate regardless of how ephemeral it promises to be. Shit, we could lose to Oregon State on Saturday. I think I got more sleep when we went 1-11.
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