November 15th, 2007

That Time of Year

I've spent the week meeting with students one-on-one in my office. I like doing that, but it wears on me after a while. I feel like I have no thoughts that aren't dependent on someone else's thoughts. And that's distressing to think about. If I could only write their papers instead of my own, I'd be making better use of my time.

Good News!

Wow. It looks like we're finally seeing a turn for the better in our society. What with today's indictment of Alberto Gonzalez, Donald Rumsfeld and a whole host of notable Bush Administration--


Never mind.

At least we have A-Rod. . .

Bearing Up

Let me just state, for the record, how compromised I feel right now. I mean, until today I believed that I was working at an institution of higher learning the equal of Plato's Retreat. But now that ESPN has come to visit on a Thursday, my belief system has broken into tiny plastic pieces. I may never be able to teach again.