November 22nd, 2007

Why Are There People Like Frank?

The drive up to Phoenix to pick up my sister and her son was relatively easy and the return trip even smoother. But I still had to deal with a dozen of those drivers, typically in pick-ups and SUVs, who come speeding up on you in the fast lane and tailgate you at 80mph, even though it's obvious that there's a long stream of cars ahead to prevent you from driving any faster, then try to pass you on the right, no matter how tight a squeeze, because they are desperate to get one car length further ahead. They risk so much for so little. I'm an excellent driver, but my performance decreases markedly when I have to pay half my attention to the antics playing out in my rearview mirror. It's like I'm intoxicated by their stupidity. Perhaps I'd be better served conducting myself the way they do, i.e. as if the rest of the vehicles on the road were no more substantial than one's opponents in a video game.