December 9th, 2007


In the various treatises on Zen theory and practice that I read, the importance of labeling feelings, rather than either acting them out or holding them in, is repeatedly underscored. I understand why. But, as I begin the process of removing the rubber suit I've been wearing for the past however many years, in order to get back in touch with my authentic responses to everyday life, I'm struggling to distinguish between the proper sort of labeling, which is directed inward, and the sort that is projected out into the world, as in, "Your selfishness brings pain to the people you purportedly wish to support," or, "You wouldn't know an original idea if it came into your tastefully appointed Southwestern kitchen and lopped the heads off of all your zoomorphic collectibles," or, "You mock others in the hopes that they will be too cowed to realize that you've made a mockery of yourself." That's why I'm writing this entry. I'm hoping that, by following the example of my LJ friends who vent their frustrations, I will be able to label my desire to label aggressively instead of indulging in it directly.