January 28th, 2008

Why Send It To Washington When You Can Send It To Baghdad?

An article on the sort of speech George W. Bush is likely to give for his State of the Union address this evening provides the following insight:
President Bush is certain to focus on the economy on Monday night, reiterating his faith in Americans’ enterprise and work ethic, arguing for a short-term shot in the arm and repeating his call for low taxes as a permanent way of life. Mr. Bush believes deeply in Americans’ “keeping more of their hard-earned money, rather than sending it to Washington,” as his spokeswoman, Dano Perino, put it the other day.
Will there ever come a day when this Administration acknowledges the gap between rhetoric and reality? It would seem not. Then again, after doing everything in their power to sustain and strengthen a demographic either unwilling or unable to make that distinction, the powers behind our President may have lost the capacity to recognize that there are still people out there who lack that lack of insight.