March 28th, 2008

The Cat Sat on the Ugly, Ineffective Mat

Why is it that, of all the hard tasks in life, one of the very hardest is finding a non-slip kitchen mat that A) is truly non-slip; B) lies consistently flat; and C) doesn't look like the graphic design project of a sado-masochist intent on bringing untold misery to people with even a modest need for aesthetic pleasure? I'm serious. Someone out there should start a company to create decent ones. Anybody want join in a start-up venture called Mats That Matter?

The Space In Between

I can hear "Landslide" through the walls right now. I love the song. Like most of mid-1970s Fleetwood Mac, it conveys what I like to call "grown-up" thoughts about life and love. Over the years I've had friends who can't believe that I will confess to liking something so mainstream. To be honest, though, I'm more likely to want to hear Rumors and its predecessor than the edgy music that might confirm my membership in alternative culture. As much as I might like art metal or ambient, I find it hard to imagine their impact being magnified by a barrier that prevents me from hearing them properly. "Landslide," on the other hand, a song about the construction and maintenance of walls and the stress that eventually leads them to crumble, is a song that brings tears to my eyes even more when I can only make out bits and pieces of it than when I'm in a pristine listening environment.
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